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Cat[girl]urday: Trapped behind the Dark Moon

Due to my love of Nekomimis I have decided to post something catgirl related each week! It maybe cute. It maybe sexy. It may even be a bit disturbing...

Mirana and Luna “ Art by Zerox-II One is a princess who some say is arrogant. The other is a cold hearted knight with a reputation for bloodlust. They do not always see eye to eye and may even secretly hate each other. One thing that Mirana and Luna do share however is their service to the goddess Selemene. Both defend the Temple of Mene in the Nightsilver Woods. That is until the night of the Dark Moon. On this night both are put into an arcane slumber and are trapped behind the temple walls. Now it is up to five new heroes to protect them and Nightsilver Woods from Dark Moon Horde. That is the lore behind the current Dota 2 event: Dark Moon.
So what do you think?


The NEKOPARA videos do not stop with the OVA PV. The opening for Vol 3. of the NEKOPARA games is now live on the official NEKO WORKs' YouTube! This time the focus is on Maple and Cinnamon. Fans of catgirls will not have to wait long as it looks like the game is coming out later this year!

Cat[girl]urday: NEKOPARA OVA PV1!!!!!!!!1!

Due to my love of Nekomimis I have decided to post something catgirl related each week! It maybe cute. It maybe sexy. It may even be a bit disturbing... NEKOPARA OVA PV “ AKA The meaning of life STOP THE PRESSES! THE NEKOPARA OVA PV IS LIVE! Normally I do not post about the same catgirls so close together but this is different. NEKOPARA holds a special place in the hearts of catgirl fans worldwide. All progress made on this project is important and worth covering. In the PV we get a glimpse at the main character Kashou Minaduki. We also get a peek at when his sister and he first found Chocola and Vanilla. As one of the YouTube comments reads, “If someone ask if god exist show them this”. This is truly a great time to be alive! So what do you think?

First NEKOPARA Anime OVA PV Revealed

Catgirl fans rejoice! The first PV for the NEKOPARA OVA is up on the NEKO WORKs official Youtube page!

The OVA follows the story of the hit visual novel of the same name. In it a son from a family of Japanese confection makers named Kashou Minaduki leaves home to start a shop of his own. Two of his family's catgirls named Chocola and Vanilla sneak along and convince Minaduki to let them stay. The OVA hit Kickstarter on December 28, 2016 and raised over $100,000 in less than one hour! It is currently at $551,848 and still has 21 days remaining! The power of catgirls is truly compelling.

Ecchi can be both

This post was being written as a primer to both Prison School posts I wanted to write and a panel I want to plan. Sadly it has taken longer than expected. Nevertheless here it is! I have been watching anime for a long time. This includes many different genres that I have watched for many different reasons. One of the most controversial topics in both anime and entertainment as a whole is the use of fan service. It is no secret that many series and movies exist merely to provide erotic entertainment. In fact the adult entertainment industry does not even need an excuse to service people's most primal desires. Despite the controversy there is nothing inherently wrong with sexual or erotic entertainment. I think the bigger question is can something be both erotic and thought provoking? I have thought a lot about both of these things in recent years. Sometime people watch anime because it is thought provoking, sometime they watch anime because it is erotic, and in some rare cases the…


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After almost 10 years it is time for a change! More anime, more gaming, more cosplay, and more catgirls...