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Video Game Voters Network "Fight For Video Games" trailer

Behind Koti: part 3

Almost there! I didn't get a chance to work on Koti last week but this week I'm back at it! Most of the final details are in place and the map is fully playable.

The volumetric lighting textures are in place as well as the dust. I added a sound scape as well as the other little functions of the map (trigger hurt and remove). One of the things I love the most however are the cubemaps.

They always add so much to a map!

Now for the beta testing! You can grab the beta here!

MGS4 e3 07 Trailer via IGN

New E3 MP3 Videos from IGN

Mario Galaxy Dated

Mario Galaxy is now set to come out on November 12.

Quick Nintendo updates: Brawl Dated MOH 32 players!

Smash Brothers Brawl has been dated for Dec 3. Also, a Wii version of Metal of Honer is coming out that will support 32 players online!

Gears of War PC Official at Last!

At Microsoft's E3 press conference they finally announced the long rumoured PC version of GOW. This version will include 5 new single player missions, new mutliplayer maps, "game editor" (hopefully a SDK).

Behind Koti: part 2

Almost there! This weekend I worked on the texturing, deforming, props, details, and objective.

The deforms were the hardest part! I rebuilt parts of the map so the edges would sow together better. Some how my first a temp screwed up and I had to rework one of the long islands. I my have to still do some work on them but they seem up to snuff.

As for people not aware Koti is a king of the island map. You will receive one point per second for standing on the title in the center island. This is done with a trigger_multiple and a game_score.

Well for now most of the details and props are in place. Next up finishing touches!.