Catgirl Week 2017 Day of Cute

Let's get back to some normal Catgirl Week themes. Like in years past Wednesday is Cute Day. It is a day to put aside the sexualization of nekomimi and celebrate the softer side. Keeping with this week's tenth-anniversary theme here are ten images of catgirls that are cuter than buttons!

Chibi catgirl maid
Art by Izumi Makoto

A kitty with a kitty
Art by Izumi Makoto

Yorha no.2 type b

Nyan Cat
Art by DAV-19

Koichi Oumaand and Angie Yonaga
Art by Aithia

Sagiri Izumi
Art by 黑特勒

Art by kiku (ks5832)

Neko at heart
Art by mizutan64

Kitty and bunny
Art by Izumi K Rukawa

Kanna Kamui
Art by ayami (annahibi)



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