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New Hajime no Ippo: Revolution! info

I'll get the video ASAP. As for now QJ has descriptions of the two player mode and controls. It looks like the game will support gestures, point and click, and classic control styles. The game is set to hit Japan June 21. Let's hope for a US release!

Update! Here is the video


RE4 Gameplay Video Blowout

Fresh from Game Trailers.

Tomb Raider: Then and Now

And that's just the PS2 build. I hope the Wii build has better lighting.

Wii Art Mosaic


New Mobile Suit Gundam MS Front 0079 Screens

Go Nintendo has found new screenshots of Mobile Suit Gundam MS Front 0079. They originate from Jeux-France.

If you haven't heard of this game it is a new Gundam FPS coming out for the Wii this summer.

Let's get this party started

Hello again! Just wanted to layout some floor plans.

First off this is my second blog. You can see my primary blog here.

I have a new project in the planning stages. I can't say much yet but it is an indie game. I hope to have a beta up for every one this summer. No promises...

When I get a new graphics card I may start working on the next version on Koti.

Anyone play this map?

Once again no promises but it shouldn't be too hard.

Look out for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya! It releases tomorrow and I'm pretty hyped for it! Can't say I know much about the series but what I've seen looks great.

New Birth

Hello and welcome to my new blog. Thank you for visiting. You can expect this place to be buzzing with the latest on video games, anime, works of my own. More too come soon!